Every Coaching Session Can Be a Deliberate Act of rEvolution.

Revolutionize your coaching practice through the power of Distinction Stacking Technology©. Experience the shift from traditional coaching to a method that promises profound and lasting change for you and your clients. This approach creates a ripple effect that can also help transform our cultural landscape.

It feels like the floodgates of possibilities have opened. I have so many ideas about how I can adapt this work to different audience and ways to offering different courses. I am thrilled to be able to incorporate The Gibson Banning Method into my practice and grateful to Beth and Neill for all the hard work it took to put this outstanding coaching model together.

Hema Pokharna

Why Get certified with us

Our vision is to ignite a coaching rEvolution that transforms lives and helps reshapes our world. Our mission is to equip emerging coaches, therapists, spiritual counselors, and those aspiring to join the coaching profession with a time-tested coaching protocol that fosters powerful personal transformation, and sparks a chain reaction of positive change in society.

Why is this method so impactful?

Distinction Stacking: 

This innovative approach helps you and your clients overcome resistance and enables almost automatic results. By layering distinctions upon each other, you can develop a deeper understanding of your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, making it easier to create lasting change.

Holistic Approach:

The Gibson Banning Method addresses all aspects of a person's life - mental, physical, spiritual, and subconscious. This comprehensive approach ensures that you and your clients experience profound transformation and alignment across all areas of your life.

Confidence & Self-Trust:

This method helps you and your clients access your internal wisdom, enhances self-awareness, inner-trust, and self-acceptance. As a result, you become more confident in your decisions and better equipped to navigate all your life challenges.

Sustainable Change:

The method has been proven to create lasting, meaningful change by helping people break free from the limiting beliefs, habits, and fears that keep them stuck. This focus on long-term growth ensures that clients continue to experience the benefits of coaching long after the sessions have ended.

The Ripple of Effect:

By equipping you and your clients with tools and techniques that facilitate personal growth, the Gibson Banning Method has the power to create a ripple effect of positive change in the world. As your clients transform their lives, their newfound confidence and skills can inspire others, leading to a broader impact on the cultural landscape.

Structured yet Intuitive: 

The method offers a clear framework that guides you and your and clients through the coaching process while allowing room for creativity and personalization. This balance ensures that you can adapt the method to suit your unique style and the specific needs of your clients.

About Beth Banning

Beth has over 25 years of experience in the self-help, spiritual and personal development field. She has spent many years researching, participating in workshops, and working and studying with leaders in the field.

Beth has interviewed dozens of bright lights in the industry, such as Maya Angelou, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bob Thurman, Bruce Lipton, Gangaji, Gary Zukav, Lynne Twist, and many others, trying to make sense of why people treat each other the way they do.  All this led her to co-create the Gibson Banning Method.

So if you have a heart for service and are inspired to help make this a more loving and compassionate world, it would be our privilege and honor to support you.

Some Benefits of our Certification

Elevate your coaching practice by getting certified in the Gibson Banning Method. Experience enhanced coaching skills, increased credibility, and a versatile approach tailored to your clients' unique needs. 

Personal Growth and Confidence:
  • ~Boost your self-awareness, self-trust, and self-acceptance, enabling you to show up more powerfully as a coach.
  • ~Gain an internal sense of conviction and self-confidence, allowing you to make decisions more quickly and better serve your clients.
Increased Career Opportunities:
  • ~Stand out in the coaching industry with a unique certification that sets you apart from other professionals.
    ~Expand your client base by offering a versatile coaching method backed by years of experience and success stories.
Greater Adaptability and Resilience:
  • ~Develop the skills to handle various client situations and challenges, making you a more adaptable and resourceful coach.
  • ~Strengthen your resilience as a coach by learning to navigate difficult conversations, setbacks, and breakthroughs with grace and composure.
Contribution to a Better World:
  • ~Play an active role in creating a ripple effect of positive change, impacting not only you and your clients but also our wider community.
  • ~Align with a coaching method that promotes a more compassionate and connected world, leaving a legacy and fostering a larger sense of purpose and fulfillment in your work.

What Our Students Say

Cytel Schults

Voice Coach

This course has been so powerful!

I feel so much more confident. I have more clarity on how to communicate with myself and others. It has had a profound effect on my family and my business.

Initially, I mainly focused on my business, but one of the things I got that wasn’t even an outcome—that I just love—is it has improved my family relationships, even one of the most challenging relationships in my life. It’s amazing!

I am so grateful for the space of unconditional love and learning I got. 

Kurt Ecclefield


This work will change your life!

I started working the Gibson Banning method into my life several years before we did the certification process.

I was still blown away at the depth of knowledge I was able to receive for myself by going through the Coaching certification. 

It has not only helped me create a coaching business, but it has tremendously helped my personal life as well.

Jenifer Hall

Certified Coach

I had read so many books and tried so many different things... but I still felt stuck.

Now that I am using this method for myself and my clients, I have noticed how much more quickly we process through the discomforts in life. It’s AMAZING!

I also communicate with and understand others so much better! 

My relationships are stronger! I feel so free!! The Gibson Banning Method is life changing!

The Coaching rEvolution

The Three Biggest Mistakes Even Smart Coaches Make and What to Do About Them!