The Gibson Banning Method Coaching Certification Program

Take Evolution Into You Own Hands, and Help Change The World One Person at a Time

Why is this method so impactful?

It works because it’s built on these core principles:

  • Your internal wisdom is your highest source of knowing. Our culture literally teaches us the exact opposite of this truth. From a very young age, we’re persuaded to believe there is a “right” and “wrong” way to do things. This is why so many of us are burdened with perfectionism and why we doubt ourselves and our abilities.
  • Transformation can only occur when you are willing to step out of your comfort zone lovingly, authentically, and nonjudgmentally. Growth can be difficult, so we have created a caring and judgment-free environment for you to move into your next big expansion.
  • What’s possible in your life is only limited by your choices. But there are many more options than are visible through the veil of our cultural framework, and the most rewarding choices are often the ones that are concealed.
  • Life can be so much simpler than we think and will only be easier when your entire being is united and working together. All aspects – mental, physical, spiritual, and subconscious- are needed to flow with life. Cultural conditioning often creates a false hierarchy, where certain aspects of us are elevated, and others are judged as weak or inappropriate. It’s impossible to be in the flow of life when parts of us are out of sync and fighting against each other.

    If you have a Vision For Your Life and business, We will help you to turn it into reality

    I started working the Gibson Banning method into my life several years before we did the certification process. I was still blown away at the depth of knowledge I was able to receive for myself by going through the Coaching certification process. It has not only helped me create a coaching business, but it has tremendously helped my personal life as well. This work will change your life!
    Kurt Ecclefield

    The results I got from taking the Incite Coaching Certification Training have been profound. I am no longer afraid to have difficult conversations because I have the tools to navigate them in an honoring fashion for all involved. This is so freeing and empowering! I am SO grateful for this change in perspective, and these practical applications.
    Barbara Dooley

    It feels like the floodgates of possibilities have opened. I have so many ideas about how I can adapt this work to different audience and ways to offering different courses. I am thrilled to be able to incorporate the Gibson Banning Method into my practice and grateful to Beth and Neill for all the hard work it took to put this outstanding coaching model together.
    Hema Pokharna

    But what’s so different about this program?

    Distinction Stacking Technology

    The difference between The Gibson Banning method and almost every other program out there is that they teach within the same paradigm of cultural beliefs and programming that’s causing the problems in the first place. Like Einstein said; you can’t change a problem with the same thinking that created it. This is why we use our Distinction Stacking Technology. It allows people to make choices outside their normal paradigm. Until these new choices are distinguished for us, in a very systematic way, we don’t even know these new choices exist.

    The Gibson Banning Method takes everything that you think you know and turns it inside out.

    This course is an 18 week journey through a series of these distinctions, or key differentiations laid out in a particular sequence that has been proven to change the paradigm in which we see ourselves, others, and the world.

    Here are just a few of the distinctions that you’ll discover and explore during the 18 weeks


    Many coaching systems teach about core values, but we explore values and how to integrate them into your life in uniquely different ways. For example, you will learn the difference between “Aspirational Values,” and “In Order To Values” which keep us trapped in our traditional cultural paradigm, and  “Life Priority Code” and “Dynamic Values,” which change the paradigm of our thinking and awaken us to new possibilities.

    We believe that the mind – because of the many ways it is conditioned – is in constant protection and defense mode. This is why we first deconstruct our past conditioning and learn to distinguish new choices. Then we give the mind something productive to do – something different than what it . This is necessary for us to relax enough to open up and experience our true and much more authentic nature and gives us the ability to utilize our other inherent resources.

    Understanding vs. Agreement

    Allows you to be much more present and understanding.This distinction helps you resolve issues faster.

    Do Want vs. Don't Want

    Promotes clarity and confidence, the ability to get more of what you DO want, and increases the likelihood others understand you and assist you more often.

    Cooperation vs. Manipulation

    Helps alleviate resentment, sabotage and poor results in all your interactions.

    What Occurs vs. My Story

    Lets you see the world and the people in it from a whole new perspective. Allows you to feel a greater level of compassion and understanding for others and supports you in experiencing more peace and happiness.

    Being Heard vs. Being Right

    Cultivates connection and love. Supports your ability to authentically relate to the people in your life.

    Values vs. Strategies

    Facilitates your ability to be more effective, make decisions more quickly, take actions faster and easily course correct when needed.

    Commitment vs. Attachment

    Fosters better results with less struggle, so you can joyfully create what you want, opposed to being tortured by what you want.

    Chosen Values vs. Cultural Values

    Encourages you to be internally sourced rather than externally driven. This provides a level of trust and confidence you may have never known.

    What You Get:

    • Enrollment in the level I certification training. (See the FAQ for details)
    • 18 video sessions – each a little over an hour.
    • 2 Monthly Q&A calls – each call will last an hour and a half depending on your questions.
    • In-depth feedback on your certification test and once you successfully pass, certification in the Gibson Banning Method and the ability to use the title: Certified  Incite Coach.
    • The ability to coach clients one-on-one using the Gibson Banning Method
    • Permission to use the certification logo on your marketing material.
    • The possibility of coaching client referrals, both from your listing on our website and from our own marketing efforts.
    • The first years licensing fee, A one-year membership in the Incite Coaching Community – which includes; an interactive community, inspiration, accountability, marketing, and sales support, and much, much more.
    I have been coaching for many years and saw results but when I started implementing the Gibson Banning method my coaching business soared! I found a new concrete way to help my clients get better results in their businesses and lives by using their method.The program is set up to support you step by step thru the process. This is just the program that I had been looking for!
    Wendy Whitelaw