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Meet Some of Our Amazing Certified Coaches!

Darla Gallew
Certified Level II Coach

Darla helps women over 35 to heal their relationship with food, so they can stop feeling stuck because of emotional eating and show up with in their life with less stress, more energy, and peace of mind.

Darla is not only Certified with the Gibson Banning Method but also a Certifying Professional Mind Body Eating Coach with a specialty in mindful self-compassion. We all overeat at times in life but if your unwanted eating behaviors are getting in the way of living the life you want to live, then it’s time to seek help. Darla’s gentle compassionate coaching allows clients to go at their own pace and dig deep into the tender undigested issues of life.

Her own 35-year personal healing journey helps guide women in nourishing their bodies mind and spirit to live more to weigh less and ultimately be at peace with food. Her approach is judgement-free and isn’t another one-size-fits-all diet.

She teaches her client’s how to…

  • listen to their body’s hunger and satiety cues through your body’s inner guidance system.
  • stop labelling food as “good” and “bad” increasing your desire for food.
  • manage your mind and let go of toxic diet culture
  •  handle stress and emotions of everyday life.


She coaches a limited number of private clients per month. Her one-on-one health, life and eating coaching is an affordable, personalized, and effective.

She offers on going group support program to help clients maintain healing and continue to digest life’s experiences.

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Michelle Elrod
Certified Level I Coach

Michelle has over 10 years of experience coaching and championing clients in career, personal development, and health.

She specializes in coaching clients desiring to make any type of career transitions in their life
(including changing careers, stepping back into the workforce after time away, looking to grow in their
current role, or transitioning to a completely new area in their current field).

She guides clients through
a process to recognize and unblock the fears and obstacles that are holding them back from living their
most authentic, happy life both personally and professionally.

 Additionally, she provides clients with actionable steps they can take to achieve success in their transition and throughout their career! 

Her encouraging,
supportive and compassionate approach to coaching gives her clients a safe, nonjudgmental space to explore the fears and blocks that are preventing them from living their most authentic and happy life.

She is there for her clients every step of the way to guide, motivate, inspire and encourage them as they
walk through the structured 18-week Gibson-Banning Methodology course.

At the end of the program
clients will be connected to what it is they truly value and desire in their lives, and have the tools and
confidence to achieve any goal they set for themselves from a place of true authenticity.

Michelle is excited to be your cheerleader on your journey of self-discovery and healing!


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Suzanna Haltern
Certified Level I Coach

Suzanna is not only a Certified Certified Gibson Banning Method Coach she is also a Emotion Code Practitioner who specializes in helping her clients heal hurtful emotional patterns in their family systems in a matter of months rather than years. She uses conscious and subconscious tools to help her clients move forward  in the life they want to live.

 After years as a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner she knew her clients needed more support after the relief of releasing trapped emotions;  To create lives where they weren't repeating the same emotional patterns over and over again, causing the same physical and emotional imbalances over and over again.

The Gibson Banning Method of coaching gave her the perfect compliment to the energetic work she was doing. 

 As an Emotional Incite Coach using the Gibson Banning Method she offers her clients the awareness and tools they need to help them align with who they really are, what they really want in life, including a deep understanding of emotions, empathy and confidence to make powerful choices.

This coaching teaches clients how to interact with those they love from a place of peace, even when those we are communicating with may not be peaceful.  


She offers one on one video sessions for select clients, helping them to have a home they love, creating vitality, peace, and fulfillment. Healing their children as they heal themselves.

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Melisa Keenan
Certified Level II Coach

Melisa  helps powerful CEO Women who refuse to settle use their feminine energy as a 10X growth strategy, for more impact, more income, and more intimacy.

Melisa's clients are women who know that 'living the dream' is only as fulfilling as their most intimate relationship, and their impact is only as wide as they are willing to go deep within themselves.

Melisa understands the female CEO feeling called to release the masculine structures she has clung to and can help her get there without losing momentum.


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Beth Summers
Certified Level I Coach

Beth helps discouraged eaters develop self-awareness and self-compassion by implementing self-care food practices.

Aligned with Health at Every Size & Intuitive Eating principles, 

She encourages parents to model a peaceful relationship with their food and body for the sake of their children. 

Beth is also the author of True Food: Shift from Disordered Dieting to Mindful Eating in 40 days,

She is also a Food Freedom & Body Acceptance coach, teaching health-conscious women how to enjoy food again in their NOW body through nurturing their Whole Self.




Roni Thompson
Certified Level I Coach

Roni creates a space of full acceptance and free of judgment for you to develop strategies to live more authentically beyond the boundaries of your limiting beliefs.

Roni is a Certified Coach with the Gibson Banning Method and a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and more. Her training and experiences in her own healing journey helps her guide women to recognize and heal from patterns that no longer serve them and learn to make choices that build a thriving life.  


Coaching is available for a limited number of clients per month.

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