Good news and bad news…
Email #1

I remember it like it was yesterday… 
It was my last year of junior high in Newburgh, New York. My parents had initially moved there to protect us from the crime and drugs in New York City and little did they know that, per capita, Newburgh actually had more drugs and crime. 
In the early 1970s, there was much racial tension, protests, and riots, and Newburgh had its share. 
I was sitting in class one day when an announcement came over the loudspeaker:
"Students and faculty, the school will be closed until further notice. Please gather your belongings and exit the building calmly and quietly." 
A riot had just broken out. 
There was panic in the hallways, and people were running and crying. Some kids were breaking windows and throwing chairs around. 
Black kids and white kids who had been friendly with each other the day before changed instantly. It was as if we had never known each other, or as if suddenly someone said there was a war, and we found ourselves on opposite sides.
I was terrified. 
The feelings of fear, anger, and confusion ran through me all the way home, and panicked thoughts circled in my head. 
What just happened? Why didn't anyone tell me what was going on? Did we do something wrong? Why is everyone so angry?
As I ran up to my house, I saw my mother standing outside, looking both scared and relieved at the same time. She grabbed me…
And what happened next changed the trajectory of my life and sent me in search of some crucial answers. (I'll finish that story tomorrow). 
The good news is, a great deal has changed for the better since 1970, but the bad news is, the world looks much the same in so many ways, and dang it, worse in some. 
More changes need to happen to make the difference I'd like to see in the world. 
There is still so much anger and not enough empathy, and with all the division happening now, there's even more frightening crap that could make us even more crazy. 
With everything going on... you've probably had one or two frantic thoughts and some overwhelming feelings yourself. 
And if you're reading this, you're pretty conscious and doing your best to stay out of the fear and anger zone. I know how difficult that can be.
But I truly believe there is hope. Hope for the world, the people in it, and all of us. 
Yes, things need to change for sure. 
But when we understand what's at the core of the problems we see, we can start taking simple actions to help create very satisfying solutions.
So, in tomorrow's email, I will explain why I believe there is so much chaos and uncertainty in the world. (Probably not what you think!
I'll also tell you what my mother said and why it changed my life. And I'll show you some small steps to help you maintain your peace and groundedness, not to mention help contribute to the kind of connection and harmony you probably want to see in your own life and out in the world.
What a relief that would be, right?
Until tomorrow…
With love and an open heart,

P.S. As promised, the new course is ready. I'm incredibly excited to tell you all about it!

I will do that on Monday as part of this series. Over the next five days, you'll get many questions answered about why you're not enjoying some of what's going on in your life and the world and how you can help improve things.

I'll also give you concrete tools for you to start taking action... So watch for all the emails.

And, If you answered my survey questions, please know that I appreciate your help, and I will send you an email with your special bonus very soon, so keep your eye out for it.


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