Women’s Wisdom Room Refresh


Women’s Wisdom Room Refresh

Bullet points:

✅  Welcome and room description

✅  How to participate

✅  Edify founder and club

✅  Edify  moderators

With words, you can read:

✅ This is the women’s wisdom moderator training room. Thanks so much for being here.

✅ If you’d like to join the conversation please click the little hand and one of the moderators will bring you to the stage. And please make sure you have something in your bio, and at least one of your social platforms is connected.

✅ if you’re enjoying the conversation… Please follow the founder, Judy Foster, and Join the club – Women’s Wisdom – the premier networking and relationship-building group for purpose-driven and soul-inspired female entrepreneurs. and if you’re willing, please nominate 5 to 10 of your friends that you think would enjoy this club.

Also check out all the amazing moderators – if what they’re up to resonates with you, please follow and click the little bell and pick always so you don’t miss any of their fascinating rooms.