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What our Clients Say

Barbara Dooley

Confidence coach

The results I got from taking the Incite Coaching Certification Training have been profound. I am no longer afraid to have difficult conversations because I have the tools to navigate them in an honoring fashion for all involved. 

This is so freeing and empowering!

I am SO grateful for this change in perspective, and these practical applications.

Richard Diamond 

Couples Coach

I am so grateful for this program.

The communication skills taught in this course will be a centerpiece for my couples coaching.

This course has also strengthened my marriage in some amazing ways. And my wife is also taking the course. Meaning we are stronger because of the way we communicate has evolved into something masterful. 

Suzanna Haltern

Certified coach

One of th things I love about coaching in the Gibson Banning Method Is that it is a complete program that essentially teaches clients a new language.

In 18 weeks they get to the deepest of self awareness and shift out of resistanceTheir ability to deal with difficult people and difficult life situations is increased 100 fold as they practice the physical, mental and emotional tools.